How to cook delicious shrimp crispy fried cheese wrap

With crispy fried cheese coated shrimp dish here, you will have one more way to cook new dishes to both enjoy this weekend. If you are a culinary favorite Vietnam especially delicious cuisine from seafood must no longer strangers dishes made from shrimp. This is the familiar ingredients when cooking delicious dishes. With crispy fried cheese coated shrimp dish here, you will have one more way to cook new dishes to both enjoy this weekend.

When complete this delicious recipes, you will admire the shrimps wrapped cheese fresh, crispy shell Gold member rụm rụm, when eating fresh shrimp meat shows flavor of seafood, bold blend of spices seeping cheese greasy. To enjoy this delicious dish is perfect for, you should eat with sweet and sour sauce, it will bring back the delicious feeling great for people to enjoy.

Raw materials cooked delicious shrimp crispy fried cheese wrap

  • Shrimp you prepare 10-12 children
  • Eggs need 2 results
  • Cheese you can choose
  • Prepared pepper 1 spoon cafe
  • Salt need spoons cafe
  • Corn flour then about 1-2 spoons cafe
  • Crispy fried Flour about 1 cup baby
  • Fried Dough 1 cup also ruffled the

How to cook delicious shrimp crispy fried cheese wrap

The Shrimp you should choose the fresh, delicious to thumb upward. Avoid buying are the shrimps have died, been ươn …. after buying shrimp on the you wash with a little wine to smell fishy. Then rinse with clean water and proceed with peeled shrimp, veined, as well as the shrimp compost over the top. Then you remember the shrimp tail section cut out and to own in the Bowl (the goal is to decorate the shrimp dish for beautiful eyes). Also with the shrimp meat you bring small minced out.

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-Next, you finely minced shrimp pieces in a bowl, add to that the two spoons corn flour, along with a beaten egg, a spoonful of pepper, add a spoonful of salt in the 1/2 and mix them to obtain a viscous mixture , quánh.

-Then, you bring cheese cut into small pieces, and took a little shrimp mixture has blended into the Palm, you proceed to press slightly flattening out and for a few slices of cheese in small slit in the middle. Then you park round this star delicacies for airtight shrimp cheese. You just continue to do so until the raw spot prawns make this delicious dish.

-Next you dip the shrimp pellets were wrapped cheese into the bowl of beaten egg to roll over the dough, then fried brought fried dough rolling over ruffled then you plug more shrimp tails into the dough.

-The preparation of a deep pan for frying pan hot, wait up for cooking oil. How to cook this delicious dish is the you may not save the oil, because the oil to fry, when submerged, the ensures new shrimp dish successfully. The boiling oil, for the shrimp wrapped in Fried cheese on medium. Signs of shrimp pieces wrapped yellow cheese ruộm catches the eye is able to remove, absorbent paper to oils. The last paragraph is presented Member shrimp to disk then enjoy with chilli or soy coffee is even kind of sauce you like.

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