How to make crispy fried chicken at home extremely simple

fried chicken ever has always been loved by the delicious taste and crunchy chicken skin of it. The majority of people love the taste of fried chicken in the deli, fast, in fact, mothers always want to do for your family this delicious dish as outside rows. Therefore, the manual channel family life like to introduce to you a way of making crispy fried chicken very simple easily done at home, but the taste of everyone right now o’clock


Raw to make omelets

detail how omelets

  • Step 1: Preliminary chicken
  • Step 2: Mix the eggs with the milk
  • Step 3: Marinate chicken
  • Step 4: Mix the flour and spices make the crust chicken
  • Step 5: Roll the chicken ied with flour mixture
  • Step 6: Fried Chicken
  • Step 7: Complete chicken crispy
  • material to make fried chicken
  • 800 grams of chicken
  • 500 grams of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 100ml milk
  • 10 grams pepper
  • 10 grams of garlic powder
  • 10 grams of chili powder
  • 10 grams of turmeric powder
  • 10 grams of salt
  • cooking oil, chili sauce, tomato sauce

detail how to make omelets 

Step 1: Preliminary chicken  rinse chicken and slices of ginger with salt water, rinse with cold water, drain.

Step 2: Mix the eggs with the milk  eggs into a bowl beat eggs, pour the milk into a bowl stir.

Step 3: Marinate chicken  Transfer approximately chicken in the bowl mix eggs and milk, marinated for 20 minutes for the chicken tender and tastier.

Step 4: Mix the flour and spices make chicken crust

Pour all the spices and flour: garlic powder, turmeric powder, chili powder, pepper, salt mixed with flour into a large bowl. Use spoon to mix the crust seasoning for chicken.

Step 5: Roll the chicken with flour mixture was mixed

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meeting with each piece of chicken from the mixture of egg and milk, roll in flour so that the dough is sticky, all the pieces of chicken, then left into the egg mixture and milk to wet chicken, then pick up the pieces of chicken through the flour rolling again. Use this to create 2 skins for extra crispy and delicious chicken. And so, the last chicken roll dough to a large plate.

Step 6: Fried chicken Put the pan on the stove, pour the oil into the pan, turn the fire to boil for cooking oil. Drop the chicken pieces to the pan of boiling oil, the loudest note pads choices to enlist big kitchen fire, then pick up the pieces on. Not so for many pieces of chicken to the pan at the same time as this will cause the temperature of cooking oil, chicken will be cooked slowly.

Step 7: Complete the crispy fried chicken

every 3 minutes flip chicken pieces once for chicken cooked evenly. Until meat is slightly golden, lower heat to boil until the chicken cooked, peel chicken yellow nursery, before picked up the chicken plate, you should turn the fire to give oil in chicken out, so will be less tired. Pick up chicken on plate with paper towels oil, drain and then enjoy with chutney or tomato sauce up to flavor.
Fried chicken in this way will have a very crispy crust and tasty spices, chicken tender, delicious without being dry. How to make omelets with extremely simple, manual channel household tips, categories delicacies every day wish you successful implementation with family and enjoy your meal!

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