How to make delicious pate ecstatic right at home

Well done, it is the pig’s nose that is made of the liver and oil, eating the new surname of the tunnel, the earth, and the mellow. Although there are many ways to make a pig’s nose good, women always look for your special formula, helping them to cook pate more special, more delicious, and easier to do. Capture the demand, channel Handbook family without hesitation to share the same way very fast pate as delicious as the sisters, ensure that people like it at home. Let’s look at the present!

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Including: the raw material is the nose of the pig

  • The liver 300g of the pig
  • 150g five flower meat
  • 100g skin pig
  • 100g oil
  • A big loaf of bread
  • A vinamilk of milk without sugar
  • 3 grape garlic
  • Knob of butter
  • Salt, pepper

Pate makes good tools including:

  • Meat winch
  • Flow pate mold
  • Steamer water method
  • silver paper

How to make delicious pork liver pate for right at home simple

The specific method is as follows: the pig is the pig’s nose

The first step: wash the liver of the pig, sprinkle a cup of milk less than the pig’s liver and soak for 45 minutes to help the liver detoxification and eliminate the odor, the pate dishes taste more delicious.

The second step: porcine five flower meat, skin wash, cut, the grinding shell wrapped nhuy n. Garlic mashed to remove not very refreshing fragrant fat thin cut into a large map.

The third step: the amount of bread, milk without sugar, the rest of the bread is in the bread water, about 2 minutes after a fish on the soft bread, want to water.

Step 4: pig liver dirty well, cut the thin strip, with a mixer nhuy n.

Step 5: mixed pig liver, pig meat, skin after the skin and bread, the garlic in part of the non – mixed salt, pepper taste, eat one mouthful. In this step, you can get the nhuy n mixed with a blender.

Step 6: the time of the oil is set at the bottom to cut the pate to prepare the mold. Pour into a blender and mix nhuy n mold for scanning pate, class pate for a flat piece of butter, and take the class pate thin. The part of the mold that encapsulated the seal with tin paper made the water free from pate.

Seventh step: put the pate mold in the steamer water for an hour. You can check by using the pate nine toothpick to stamp the pate part, the water in the pot does not flow, if pate is ripe. When pate nine, Zhang pate comes out, two hours in the cool refrigerator. Then, you can leave the pate out of the mold easily. You can swallow it in the pate in the refrigerator for three to five days.

In pate and how to do it, you can do it yourself, and also enjoy the pate to the small family, with bread, spaghetti, all kinds of glutinous rice or hot rice. The fragrant BeO is greasy and greasy, and the fat pate will please every family’s friend. Here is how to do delicious pate wonderful life channel column delicious, you want to share your reading for pate. Wish you success!

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