How to make fried crispy delicious simple poodle at home

The ink is always processed seafood into the delicious dishes everyone enjoy. Fried Calamari dish ruffled by the taste of the fried dough layer ruffled rụm crunchy on the outside, the ink inside the dai dai, aromatic, sweet, slightly spicy Chili same dots then indeed is very addictive. Here’s how to make Fried Calamari dishes simple ruffled at the House but no less delicious crunchy something restaurant.


  • Squid: 500 gram (select the squid is delicious).
  • Eggs: 2 results.
  • Crispy fried Dough: 150 grams.
  • Fried Dough ruffled: 150 grams.

Full: Spice seasoning, pepper, cooking oil, fresh ginger, chilli sauce, mayonnaise, wine.

How to do:

-Step 1: make the need to buy ink ruffled fried fresh. How is the selection when you press the body of squid, squid usually toned and having high elasticity. Observe the eye part squid, squid has eyes in. You flip up cartridge beard will see the tentacles still attached to the squid. Buy ink, ink wash of water mixed with white wine and Ginger batter (the purpose is to eliminate fishy smell of ink and ink are also more brittle).

-Step 2: cut the squid into circles just eat (or sliced customized preferences), drained or use dry towel absorbent to dry the ink. Marinated squid with a teaspoon of the seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon MSG, a teaspoon of cooking oil, a teaspoon of cooking oil. Mix well and marinate for 30 minutes to infuse spices was ink.

-Step 3: take the Chicken Eggs yolks, add salt, stir well. Fried dough and fried dough to two separate disks.

-Step 4: prepare a deep saucepan to Fried Calamari, pour cooking oil into many little ink pads to deep flooding in oil. Wait for the boiling oil stress, you get the ink roller pieces through flour, deep-fried and then rolled through the egg and fried dough rolled through and drop into the oil pan, making turns like that until the end of the cartridge.

-Fried squid At should give medium, sometimes come are two sides to ink was all gold. Until just turning Golden ink, crispy outer crust rụm dish is completed.

To enjoy delicious dishes, fried squid, you must eat at hot to enjoy the delicious crispy full of ink. Do squid fried ruffled at the simple pole. Bringing together for your family enjoy the delicacies.

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