Kebab, not only is the food of Turkey

Talking about the food street, can skip the Turkey barbecue is a Turkey immigrant nurman Kadeer’s name entered into 1970. Nurman’s first idea is to clean up the roasted meat and bread sald on a disk (very popular in Greece, Turkey, the Middle East) and Berliner (Berlin busy people) may choose landmines. “In H – Food – bring people to”. Although there are a lot of debates who put the cabbaker string and the creation of new dish cabbaker or the Middle East of the place of the drive type of the bakery.

Kabo entered a considerable number of countries, including Germany, and the charm of the food became stronger. Berlin’s street food services from Hamburg, sandwiches, hot dogs and diet Berlin have always been attractive, so any city in the “old world”. To filter comments and controversies, the Berlin cabbo string also draws a “painting” feature.

If you travel to Berlin, don’t give up those shops and capitulation in the German capital.

Adana grillhaus

Your master is a grillhaus Adana besitzer Adana and a very friendly job. Photo: picture: the story of food in Berlin

In the past 20 years, the grillhaus Adana service has continued to serve the disk and the toast of the delicious and thin unforgettable stores between the Kreuzberg district and the 40 crowding, and the speed and the title of the Istanbul are because of the small fish community. But where Turkey is concentrated, it’s very crowded here. If you’re lucky to find your seat near the kitchen, the chef’s work is ingeniously barbecued to prepare its own style of Adana: lamb meat in a year Large butt meat chopped mixed nhuy n greasy. 6.50euro main dish price, manteuffelstra e 86 road address.

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Konak barbecue: Izmir K o ftecisi

The bread is ready to be chopped with lamb meat to the guest’s hand Konak Gill. Picture story: Berlin food

At the train station near the kottbusser Tor Kreuzberg District, from the small store in 1990, it is a famous famous Hamburg taste from the th u lamb. Barbecue meat is also for government Konak sandwiches and cakes used and the taste of various coriander and mint, the price of the wool West 3.50euro sandwich, Reichenberger stra e address 10.

BBQ Fas Turkey

The restaurant opened last year on the side of the park was quickly known by hasenheide guests as the different n. I m “people”, “business food from the history of 1970 is an example of history. Discuss the electricity to roast because of the kitchen or coal. In this way, people can gather and they like to roast themselves, according to each person’s “taste”. But most importantly, the poor quality meat festurkishbbq is in a fresh state and is very hot. Camel.

Although the kebap was baked with an electric stove, it was still displayed: beautiful eyes – Berlin


Lying in a neatly stand in the community kottbusser Tor is Kreuzberg doyum getting people to like, because the processed meat is made by these chef from Gaziantep, south of Turkey. In addition, these breads are also made and barbecued to make sure the freshness is good and the hot leg has a little n.trong menu. You should not ignore that the shish kebab is the lamb’s meat cutting service. Ng eggplant n ng.b n also don’t forget to call m nlahmacunv I bread plastic, tomatoes and spices with accessories. The price of the main course is from 11euro address / admiralstra e 36, 37.

El reda

Concentrate on eating no breathing and Lebanon’s Iran, the El reda moabit county is a loved food choice out of a Kreuzberg district. Master khreis Hassan and his crew bring a Persian C cabbo string. This is called kubideh as “a man.”

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