Students save hundreds of DOLLARS every month thanks to cooking at home

‘Meals Hong Hanh takes about 30 minutes to process but made many American friends admiring.  Two years studying in the US, Hong Hanh change from a young woman into her awkward love the cooking. Every day one or two cases even though school, enlisting Hanh still cook their meals delicious enough and beautifully decorated. Processes food preparation, cooking and presentation of her defense does not occupy too much time. The time rush, Hanh just 30-45 minutes to the kitchen. When unhurried, female American students spent the day exploring new recipes. During the recent visit home, Hanh has led parents “cross-eyed” because of previous or blame daughter: “Knowing what to cook, broken up into all the others lost cleanup”.

Hong Hanh is the youngest of the family should be pampered. Since childhood, she did not know how to cook and unwilling to work this rich feminine. The early days in the US, she freshmen eat mostly fast food. About a month, Hanh can not continue because too tired of the fast food, the food in the restaurant is expensive. Long An village girl thought of themselves at home cooking and housework started learning from that.

In the first 1-2 weeks, Hong Hanh “miserable” because they must eat the food badly cooked by themselves. Whether the selected items as simple as fried rice, tomato soup, vegetable soup … her finished products remained below average. Almond wandering the forums cooking, learning through Youtube, save these delicious recipes that save. After a few weeks, female students had dinner with rice not crushed first, not the fire vegetables.

Initially, the cooking of Hong Hanh always stick to the formula. She measuring spoons spices to not be salty or too pale. When deepens, Hanh flexible material additions to dishes taste and cost savings. While improving speed cooking time 9X furnished, beautifully decorated more. Gradually, cooking Hong Hanh brings a sense of happiness, excitement as pursuing an art. She went into the kitchen with passion, instead of cooking for the belly as before. In Alone but Happy rarely skip meals. Every day held at knife cutting board no, country girl Long An uncomfortable.
Regularly every week, Hanh supermarket on Saturday to buy food for the week.

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Before that, she was on the list of ingredients to buy, costed in detail. Female students spend about 40-50 US dollars (about 900,000 VND-1.1 million) for each purchase of food. She divided among the vegetables, meat, milk, fruit to meals rich enough. Compared to eating out, cooking at home helps save 200-250 USD Hong Hanh (5-6 million) per month. Apart from the main school in the school calendar, Hanh enlist more free time to do translation work. Income from this work together with the support of a large family. When not cook for themselves, each month, Hong Hanh takes about 400-500 dollars for a meal. She must spend a great save enough money to cover new life in the US in the first month.

Hong Hanh often food preparation as soon as the supermarket about. Meat, seafood … Hanh washed, divided into small packets eating a meal, stored in the freezer. She cleaned vegetable, fruit diluted with saline and then divided into individual bags. Each additional bag lined paper towel to absorb moisture file, which does not rot vegetables.

Though only 2 hour lunch break between shifts, Hanh still home cook, so she chose to do many things at once. When using the rice cooker, add the pulse 9X plastic inside to steamed meat, eggs, vegetables. Pending pot cooked meat, fried vegetables enlisting Hanh, salads. Faster then 20 minutes, then 30-40 minutes later, not when female students took over an hour for his meal. Hong Hanh, who made friends natives “gasped” when witnessing ability to cook quick, tasty and beautiful her eyes.

Apart from the simple dishes daily, learn to processing Hanh like Japanese cuisine, Thai and Western. Live at Hong Hanh, Japanese cooking ingredients are common but difficult to buy food Vietnam. Each time a country craving rice, Long An girl must ride took an hour to the Vietnamese market. Hanh often buy a bottle of coconut Kieu price of $ 3-4 (60,000-70,000 VND) to eat slowly in about 1-2 weeks. Occasions on Vietnam, Hanh always come back to school with a packed suitcase spices, herbs and dried Vietnam.

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