Study 14 world famous chef how to cook delicious food at home

In part 1, we learn a few scroll using a few simple ingredients from the professional chefs in the world. In this section, we will continue to explore the ways food super quick but still appealing ingredients include: pickles, canned anchovies, French butter, sausage, pate, Harissa pollen and dried shrimp.
1. Sausage (dried sausage)Sausage is a type of food made from pureed meats mix together some wine, sugar, natural fermentation and then dried. Chef Jordan Keao in the city of San Francisco said he often used sausage with rice, or noodles. If Pancetta-style processing, I will thin chopped sausage and fried onions, then FRY the same food will continue very delicious.2. dried Shrimp

Dried shrimp or be used to fry salty or spicy mashed is most popular sweet made broth. Besides, Chef Paul Donnelly also revealing more signature private processing very nicely: “I would use dried shrimp Lo Mein noodles cooked according to a simple formula. First of all, I boiled a little water, then drop the shrimp dry and cooked noodles. Finally, the wedge a little more Chili, a drop of sesame oil and vinegar. If there are green onions or meat, you can also add your noodles, would be very attractive. “3. Canned cucumbers

Cucumber (cucumber) sour salt usually only eat white rice with fried or mixed together. But it’s interesting when chef Troy Guard coming from Denver has “presentation” gives us a scroll, other chemical variables help dish becomes more colorful and more attractive.“Pickling beams of the same meat and make the sauce. However, I prefer to use the water of the cucumber dip mix together a little mayonnaise and eat along with the sandwich, the taste of this dish really made me satisfied “, Troy share.


4. soak anchovies packed in oil
The canned or packaged food has become very familiar in modern life. They make us feel the meal becomes boring and really “industrial”. Enjoy meals with the delicious dishes with just a few minutes of processing such as Jeret chef Braithwaite revealing here.

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“Using my preferred to see this material was the Bagna cauda dish is garlic sauce made in Italy style, meaning anchovies eat along with the marinade is made from garlic, olive oil and butter.”

5. French Butter Cake

“You can create any formula that would butter dish to become more attractive. With me, I’m usually a little French butter icing up Toast sandwich to grill or use them to bake with pasta, steak. This will help the aromatic cuisine, fat and become more special than when using other materials “, Chef Thomas Chen from Manhattan talking about his favorite cooking using French butter.
6. The pollen
Pollen grains as feed work support weight gain and health recovery after illness up very effectively. Usually, people often mix the same pollen pure honey. So, when processing a savory?
 “Sometimes I use pollen grains instead of salt and pepper. It helps to have the dishes taste very pleasant, as the taste of licorice. Usually, I will tell them to pizza, pasta or even sprinkle them onto the surface of the vanilla ice cream “, Chef Steven Redzikowski said.
7. Pate Harissa
Pate Harissa is a kind of hot sauce are used quite popular in North America, made from fresh peppers, paprika and olive oil. Talking about how to cook this sauce with the kind of efficiency, Chef Jason Campbell for sharing that: “I usually served with crispy fried chicken wings, with a few biscuits and vegetables, do not forget to reward an extra glass of beer. In addition, I also often use them with lamb sandwich, mint and tomato. “
The expensive ingredients usually make the fine dining and luxury. Song of simple ingredients also admit to making a delicious dish if we know how to apply and a unique, ingenious. The kitchen along the famous chef indeed very attractive right? Wish you will have many more suggestions or for variety entertainment that the whole family.

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