These pastries must try once to Vienna

The famous scenery in Vienna, the capital of Austria, is not only ancient but also many tempting cakes.

Austria is a European country in my heart, with the ancient natural scenery, the spectacular cultural mark, unconventional. The country’s diet is also very special: when it is in the peace of the city or the countryside, H In the valley of the magnificent the Alps rate each heart, you can find these delicacies. But perhaps the most famous Austria and pastries, especially the bread in the capital Vienna, are so delicious that one of their own cookies called “viennoiserie” features food in the world. The beauty of Austria is full of arrogant food.


Strudel apple pie cookies may be the most famous classic and outside of the Austria border. From strudel, German, meaning “whirlpool”, here is thin and packed with layer muffin rolls together. There is an apple in it.

The apple pie strudel tradition includes jujube fried sugar, cinnamon, and dry noodle dumpings. Then the shell of the jujube mud is thin, and the result of the grill is to eat the Apfelstrudel crunchy, sweet apple. It’s the best strudel to enjoy the heat when you just do it, some extra M. Hum the powder all the way.


The origin of the cookies is the northwest of walviertel, which is very common on the border between Austria and Czech Republic, but in Vienna, the capital. Although there are many different people, like a strawberry or nut, the body is the human mohnzelten poppy (the seed of the poppy seed). Biscuit and sugar, stir fry, the shell is mashed potato with salt baked to nine cakes crisp, the taste sweet salty core and the shell combination is very interesting.

Sacher Torte

The iconic cake, which became the Franz Sacher of Vienna, was created in 1832. At that time, Sacher was only a 16 year old cook, but because of his illness, he had to make a special dessert for Prince Wenzel von Metternich and some other important guests.

The sweet cake, this is a “heaven”, for those who like chocolate. Between two layers of chocolate cake and a thin layer of dream between jam and cake, the government will run out in a layer of chocolate. Sacher Franz’s son, Edward, continues his father’s legacy to maintain his reputation. The name of the bread family. People like bread clothes to a country designated by Sacher torte a day in December 5th.

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Kardinalschnitte is baked cake and ice cream, but a little different in a piece of cake, cake, postscript Genoise (cake, cream and a meringue) inclusion (egg white to beat cotton and sugar). The two pullout pullout will roast the same tray, and then be cut into pieces in the long person, possibly an ice cream, coffee ice cream, strawberry or sugar gourd that they are mixed in the gold range considered white bread. A pope like a cloak (so kardinalschnitte has a nickname “cake pivot”)

Eating kardinalschnitte is an interesting experience when you’re going to enjoy the Genoise pancake, meringue light loose and ice cream sweet and greasy.


In Italy, the punschkrapfen dress is equivalent to “pinky cake” in English, and the red one reminds me of the famous cocktail of the cocktail. Punschkrapfen includes cake, candy and chocolate sauce nougat, all dreams, covered with rum cherry red eyes with the glaze layer. The small cake of each side is really a common dessert B A party.

Mozart Torte

No one knows why the famous classical music composers named these biscuits

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